Advice for students

Tips for applying to higher education

Understand what they are looking for

Look at the course outlines:

  • What skills and qualities are they looking for?
Use what you do inside and outside of school to demonstrate those skills
  • For example: How ‘dedication’ by your continued support of a local group or charity.

    Use a personal statement to stand out

    If the course is oversubscribed they may use your personal statement to help them decide who should get a place - this is where it is key to make your ambitions clear and how you demonstrate the qualities they are looking for.

    Tell them why they should choose you

    You need to tell them why you want to do this course. “Because it interests me” just isn’t enough, you need to link this with interests and ambitions that you have.

    For example “I want to do Catering because I really enjoyed my GCSE in Food Technology and I also make celebration cakes in my spare time for my family and friends.”

    Are you applying to creative courses?

    Make sure you have a portfolio ready!

    If you can create an online portfolio or photo album of your creative endeavours this 
is an excellent way to support your application.

    Need some more help?
    Use our CV template and personal statement guide

    “What else can
    If you don’t already have any club, jobs or voluntary work - get moving!!!

    Chaffin Works Team Tree Surgery

    Enterprise Adviser Scheme

    Chaffin Works is passionate about career opportunities and as such, we are working with The Eastbourne Academy to help develop their careers programme and create opportunities for students to speak with employers. 

    This programme aims to help young people develop their career aspirations and encourages them to consider the land based and construction sector as a career path.