Protecting our workforce from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)


We recently upgraded our safety protocol with Reactec – a smart system featuring a wrist-worn device that automatically monitors and reports on HAVS exposure in real time.

Prolonged occupational exposure to hand-held vibrating tools (e.g. drills, sanders and chainsaws) poses a significant health risk to our team. It can directly result in the development of HAVS – a potentially debilitating condition where capillaries, nerves and blood vessels in the hands and arms are damaged.

This can manifest as issues like vibration white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome and more – which can have a huge impact on sufferers’ day-to-day lives and ability to work.

With the safety and wellbeing of our team always a top priority, we turned to a ground-breaking new technology.

Reactec is a smart system that integrates wearable and online elements to automate the monitoring and reporting of vibration risk.

The Reactec system has already greatly improved our ability to protect employees from HAVS, both directly and by supporting behavioural change.

Read the full article here to find out more about Reactec and how we use it to protect our team.