Protect our team with HAVwear & Reactec Analytics

Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) is a serious problem, in fact, 2 million UK workers are exposed to high levels of it. There are 300,000 workers suffering advanced stages and HAVS can develop within 6 months.

10% of employees exposed at the exposure action level will contract HAVS within 12 years or within 6 years if exposed to the exposure limit level set by the HSE.

At Chaffin works we take our people’s health & wellbeing seriously.

We have invested over £30k implementing HAVwear & Reactec Analytics.

HAVwear & Reactec Analytics captures real-time, personal exposure to HAV risk across our workforce, reducing the guess work of (HAV) exposure risk assessments to design and monitor the most effective controls.


How Havwear & Reacted Analytics helps our valued employees:

Prioritise & verify the effectiveness of controls

  • Clarifies risk assessments.
  • Identify the source of exposure and prioritise highest risk areas.
  • Aids design and recording of controls based on data analysis.
  • Review controls and assess effectiveness.

Assess real life risk of HAV exposure

  • Personal instead of generic risk management.
  • Real-time exposure monitoring for a credible risk assessment
  • Practical system to monitor individial daily exposure.
  • Operator awareness of personal exposure supports behavioural change.

Robust & credible evidence to assist defence of claims

  • Auditable data provides a more robust defence
  • Individual daily exposure and tool usage reports.
  • Intervention recording.
  • Reduced cost of individual exposure record collation.