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Tree Surgery

Need a trusted team to care for the trees in your green spaces? With over 35 years’ experience, you can count on us to deliver with efficiency, expertise and aesthetic excellence.

Our skilful tree surgeons work with councils and a variety of other commercial clients across the South.

Recognised for being at the top of our profession, we specialise in sustaining and enhancing trees across large public spaces, including landmark London parks, SANGs and housing developments.

Tree surgery
Tree surveys
Crown lifting & reduction

Professional service, impressive results

We can complete any tree surgery task to the highest standard, even those involving mature and unusual species.

Tree care & maintenance

Using a variety of specialist tree care techniques, we help you ensure public safety and provide your visitors with attractive urban spaces to enjoy.

Honing in on your target areas, we assess each tree on an individual basis to address any hazards or diseases. Our goal is always to preserve the unique natural appearance of each species in its smallest form while keeping it safe and healthy. In the longer term, our priority is caring comprehensively for your trees to maintain their life cycle and fulfil your aesthetic vision.

Highly trained experts

With over three decades’ experience under our belts, we’ve seen it all. Our team members are trained and equipped to an elite level, capable of tackling any project.

We are fully insured, accredited and compliant, and take great pride in our commitment to refreshing our knowledge and skills to keep up with ever-changing industry best practices. This places us at the forefront of tree surgery innovation and means your project will benefit from the latest, safest, most effective methods.

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Residential Tree Surgery

If you are a residential property owner looking for an experienced and reliable tree surgery team then please visit our non-commercial tree surgery website, P J Chaffin Tree Surgery.

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As the South’s leading environmental services contractor, we can help you with a wide range of other services too.

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