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Weed & Pest Control

Experts in eliminating pests, invasive plants and supporting on weed control.

We have extensive experience in using environmentally friendly approaches to achieve great results in keeping pests and weeds at bay.

We own and operate all the necessary equipment to deliver an effective programme of weed control including tractors, quads, lances and hydraulic knapsacks.

Japanese knotweed

Japanese Knotweed rapidly colonises new ground, out-competing native species and creating a number of additional problems such as damage to property, accumulation of litter and waterside erosion.

Chaffin Works are able to undertake a number of different Japanese Knotweed removal and control activities dependent on the level of control required.

Removal of any invasive species
Control management
Performance monitoring/reporting
Environment first thinking - we work to ensure the environment is fully protected both while we work and after we've left the site


We devise and deliver effective Ragwort control measures in accordance with the code of practice set out by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Our ragwort control programmes include a multi-herbicide approach and regular performance monitoring/reporting.

ground maintenance

Pest control

We provide vermin control services for a variety of common agricultural and countryside pests.

We specialise particularly in the clearance of vermin from sites prior to the commencement of development and construction.

We draw on a range of techniques, from traditional poisons to non-lethal forms of pest management, providing a sustainable, effective and environmentally sensitive approach to vermin control.

For example, when clearing land for new developments one preferred method of vermin control is to surround the site with vermin-proof fencing.

Those creatures that are resident within the enclosed area can then be systematically trapped and removed.

This technique reduces harm to the animals whilst also avoiding the introduction of foreign chemicals into the ecosystem.

Agricultural and countryside pests
Non-lethal and lethal techniques
Vermin control including vermin fencing
Environment first policy

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